SWISSOTEL GRAND EFES HOTEL IZMIR HAMAMI Address: Ismet Kaptan Mh. Sehit Nevres Bulvari Izmir Turkey

What about a peaceful experience in a Turkish bath while being in one of the best hotels in Izmir? Seems attractive, isn't it? Welcome to Swissotel Grand Efes Hotel in Izmir and take the advantage to experience the real atmosphere of the Orient relaxing in a Turkish bath. The Turkish bath in Swissotel Grand Efes Hotel is available only for guests of the hotel. It will provide you all the facilities typical for the original Turkish baths and the experience can hardly be described with simple words! Being there you will receive a wide range of services! You can start with the traditional Turkish hamam procedures such as washing with original Turkish soap and peeling! There are various massages that will help you to release the stress and to calm down your mind! The Turkish bath experience in the Swissotel Grand Efes includes Oriental experience, Nourishing experience, Marine experience and Vineyard experience! And all this combined with the luxurious atmosphere of the Swissotel! The staff in the hamam is very kind! They will assist you every step of your experience giving you all the useful information about your stay in the bath and advising you for the best procedure according to your health condition! There is no doubt that your visit to the Turkish hamam in the Swissotel will be your once - in - a -lifetime experience! You shouldn't miss it!

The duration of your stay in the hamam is 40 minitues! If you can't stand the high temperatures there, you can go to your room and have a rest!

The Total Price for your Turkish bath experience in Swissotel Grand Efes Izmir Hotel Hamami