Armutalan Hamami

Armutalan Hamam is a notable traditional Turkish bath in Marmaris. It was built during the Ottoman reign and at that time it played a significant role in the social life of the locals. Today the Armutalan Hamam will impress you with its architecture both of the exterior and the interior. In fact the architecture of the hamam has kept most of its original fragments and it is a typical example of an architectural masterpiece left by the Ottomans.

Sultan Hamami

The Sultan Hamam is an old traditional Turkish bath in Marmaris. It is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world annually because of its authentic Turkish bath atmosphere and a wide range of bathing opportunities. The bath is divided into two sections - one for men and another one for women. There are three bathing rooms - a cold room, a warm room and a hot room. There are also dressing rooms and rooms for rest.