Sirinyer Sefa Hamami

The Sirinyer Sefa Hamam is a famous Turkish bath located in Izmir. It belongs to the modern Turkish baths in the area as it was constructed in the middle of the 20th century. The Sirinyer Sefa Hamam was destroyed in the early 1990s and a year later it was restored. Today it is among the most visited Turkish baths in Izmir as it offers the unique atmosphere of the traditional Turkish bath. The Sirinyer Sefa Hamam is divided into two separate sections - one for men and another one for women.

Cukur Hamami

The Cukur Hamam is an old traditional Turkish bath in Izmir. It was built in the 16th century and was one of the architectural masterpieces made during the Ottoman reign. The Cukur Hamam has been several times renovated but nowadays it still has kept some fragments of its original architecture. Today the hamam has two separate sections - for men and women. Each section is divided into three rooms - a cold room, a warm room and a hot room. The division is made according to the original Turkish bath concept.

Balcova Spa Thermal Hotel

Do you want to combine the traditional Turkish bath experience with the luxurious atmosphere of one of the best hotels in Izmir? What about a Turkish bath experience in the Balcova Spa Thermal Hotel? This is one of the best places in Izmir where you can take the most of your Turkish bath experience! There is a wide range of procedures that will help you to distress your body and escape from the daily routine! A team of professionals will assist you during your whole stay in the thermal center!

Crowne Plaza Izmir Hotel

There is a modern spa center in the famous Crowne Plaza Hotel in Izmir that offers a wide range of spa & wellness procedures, including the Turkish bath experience! Enjoy its unique luxurious atmosphere by having an original Turkish bath experience! The center is supplied with all facilities to make your stay even more pleasant and memorable! The variety of relaxing procedures will make your choice harder but no matter which one you choose, you will enjoy it!

Swissotel Grand Efes Hotel

What about a peaceful experience in a Turkish bath while being in one of the best hotels in Izmir? Seems attractive, isn't it? Welcome to Swissotel Grand Efes Hotel in Izmir and take the advantage to experience the real atmosphere of the Orient relaxing in a Turkish bath. The Turkish bath in Swissotel Grand Efes Hotel is available only for guests of the hotel. It will provide you all the facilities typical for the original Turkish baths and the experience can hardly be described with simple words!