Keceli Hamami

The Keceli Hamam is one of the best known traditional Turkish baths in Bursa. No one knows exactly the time when it was founded. It is said that the Keceli Hamam dates back to the 14th century when it was used only by women. Today it is still a Turkish bath visited only by women. Recently the famous Asanoba family has restored the bath and they did their best to preserve its original architecture. The Keceli Hamam is quite small as its capacity is only for 16 visitors. It is among the most preferred places for relaxation in Bursa because of its nice and calming atmosphere that can meet the expectations even of the most sophisticated clients.

Cekirge Hamami

The Cekirge Hamam belongs to the old traditional Turkish baths in Bursa. It was established in 1365 during the Ottoman reign and today it is still considered to be one of the greatest examples of the Ottoman architecture. The construction of the Cekirge Hamam was initiated by the local women and they were the only one to visit it at that time. Nowadays the bath has been several times renovated and can be visited either by men or by women. The Cekirge Hamam draws the interest of people from all over the world because of its close location to the Marmara Sea and its welcoming atmosphere..

Kara Mustafa Pasa Buyuk Kaplica Hamami

The Kara Mustafa Pasa Buyuk Kaplica Hamam is a traditional Turkish bath located in the famous region Caplica - the place where you will find a great variety of thermal springs. The bath was built during the 15th century and because of its convenient location it became a popular place for relaxation! Today the bath is still among the most preferred places to visit and if you go there, your best Turkish bath experience is guaranteed! The bath can be visited either by men or by women as it has two separate sections.

Kervansaray Thermal Spa Hotel

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