Mimoza Hamam

Address: Kultur Str No 1 07400 Alanya, Turkey

The Mimoza Hamam belongs to the traditional Turkish baths in Alanya. It is one of the perfect places in the area for relaxation. If you want to have some time for yourself and to escape from the daily routine, this is the place for you! Apart from the authentic Turkish bath procedures, in this hamam you will find many other options for relaxation such as massages and coiffeur. If you feel exhausted after your Turkish bath experience, you can take a cup of a traditional Turkish drink in the cafe located within the hamam. The Mimoza Hamam is really worth visiting!.

Kleopatra Hamami

Address: Saray Mh. Guzelyali Str. N: 14/A 07400 Alanya

The Kleopatra Hamam is another attractive place to visit in Alanya where you can feel the authentic atmosphere of the Turkish baths. Going there, you will have the chance to spoil yourself with some of the best original Turkish bath procedures such as washing and peeling. The atmosphere in the bath will also appeal to you because it represents the outlook of the traditional Turkish bath! Apart from the traditional bathing procedures, in the Kleopatra Hamam you can try various types of wellness and body care. If you want to you can have body, feet or oil massage. Being there you will enjoy the hospitality of the staff who is quite experienced and will assist you every step of your stay in the bath! So if you ever travel to Alanya, don't miss to pay a visit to the Kleopatra Hamam!