Turkish Baths in Turkey

If you are looking for an alternative experience while being in Turkey, we have the best option for you! What about spending some time in one of the unique Turkish baths? Even today they are considered to be among the greatest attractions of the Orient and probably your travel to Turkey will be incomplete if you miss to experience the relaxing atmosphere of the Turkish hamams!

Take the advantage to become a part of a very ancient tradition! Get the chance to escape from your boring daily round by relaxing in an original Turkish bath! Created for the needs of our ancestors, nowadays the Turkish hamams are the best place where you can pamper yourself! The Turkish baths are just another world for you!

The Contemporary Turkish bath in Turkey

Being among the leading attractions in Turkey, original Turkish baths can be found in every big city. Because of their presence people from all over the world are eager to visit Turkey and to experience their luxurious and unique atmosphere. The hamams are also a preferred place to visit by the locals looking for relaxation away from the crowd.

First time in a Turkish Bath?

The Turkish bath is divided into two separate sections - one for men and another one for women! Entering a Turkish bath, you have to take off your clothes as you are going to wear a special lion cloth! The staff will put your clothes in a special cubicle so you don't need to worry about them. You should wear the given lion cloth during your whole stay in the bath! Please note that you aren't advised to take it off because it is considered to be rude! As you are ready, your memorable experience in the hamam may start! In the beginning the staff will welcome you to the hot room - a place where you just relax and sweat as long as you can! The hot room is followed by the warm room where you can either wash yourself or scrub down using original Turkish soaps and towels. Finally you are going to visit the cool room where you can rest and have a cup of tea or some other fresh drinks. In case you feel too tired, you may have a nap in your cubicle. A team of experienced professionals is going to take care of you during your stay in the Turkish bath!

If you want to have once in a lifetime experience in a Turkish Bath, feel free to contact us! and we will arrange everything for you!